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Teaser coming in april
Teaser coming in april…

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2nd character trailer
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hey guys, i am working with a polish indie film crew to try and get a project i started on my original page but forgot about so here's what we need:

To get more contributors, we're gonna need something to show them. Just about anything to visualize our concept. Artwork, wallpapers, story drafts, scripts, music, anything we can show. Obviously, vocal auditions aren't exactly anything close to eyecandies, so how about our VAs try and make something fitting into other category?

Bring in whatever you want, there are two rules. 1. Project-related stuff only 2. Try to stick to the manga by mauroz.
DEADLINE: February 28th

If you're gonna try writing scripts, I think it should be short, like for a 30-45 seconds teaser or an opening. During the first week of March, we'll have a little brainstorm to choose the best ideas. Then we make some eyecandy, post it to EQD and actually start the project.

here's the link to the journal: [link] send me a message if you wanna take part

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